Helping you to be proactive + intentional with your time

with products and community that meet you right where you are!


a better approach to planning your days

that centers being over doing!

community to support you every step of the way

The Best Today® Guide comes with your first month free inside of our Membership Community. Inside you'll find women who desire to be proactive and intentional with their time while also prioritizing self-awareness and self-love.

With live monthly calls, co-working hours, exclusive guided curriculum, consistency challenges, private workshops, daily support and accountability and more, you will find what you need inside of this unique and caring Community that we have curated and cultivated for you.

Your purchase of the Best Today® Guide goes beyond a physical product. You will experience community, guidance, support and encouragement from women all across the globe! We're ready to welcome you into the Community today!

get started today

your best today® guide purchase includes

A guided planning system

You're not left alone to write out to-do's or fill in empty spaces. The Best Today® Guide offers you step-by-step guidance through our 3-step planning system.

online community + support

You'll get to know the women in the Community and feel the love and support right from the start! Download the Community app on your Apple or Android for easy access.

guided video instruction

Video coaching and instruction throughout your first 14 weeks. You are fully supported as you begin the journey of being proactive and intentional with your time!

a new way of being

Exchange busy to-do list culture for learning how to take small, specific and intentional steps while prioritizing being over doing in the process.

planning, routine & encouragement that promotes self-awareness + self-love