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Customer Reviews

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Game changer for my productivity

The Best Today Guide is more than just an average "planner." It asks the tough questions every single day and keeps me intentional and focused in a way no other planner has before. I love that instead of including a traditional to-do list, the BTG asks you to write down your results and outcomes. That tiny shift in how I approach what I need to get done that day has made all the difference. I can't recommend enough!

The ONLY thing you need in 2021

Let me say that I’m a serial planner and journal buyer. I used to buy them just because they were cute but not anymore!
One of my favorite parts about the BTG is the weekly reflection. It declutters my mind and eases those Sunday Scaries. If you’re on the fence, don’t be. This is definitely something you need.

Great tool, only thing I have consistently used

I have consistently used The Best Today Guide for an entire quarter. In a time where the world is chaos, this tool helped me focus my energy and prioritize what needed to be done for my business and my family. It helped me show up. I run a small nonprofit and this last quarter of the year is often the craziest. Using this tool helped me to be proactive and intentional with “all the things” that needed to be done bringing peace to all the areas of my life. I love the simplicity and that there is no fluff, just a proven process that makes it so much more than a “planner”.

5 Star Way of Setting Your Day in Order

Shunta's approach is simple and practical. My favorite part is the quality of the Best Today guide. It's well written and the touch and feel is there as well. Believe me, I am a planner Girl. I recognize a good planner. I find the Best Today set's my Intentions very clearly in a lifestyle approach. I get to address bed and wake times along with outcomes + visions for my present as well as my future. I am a big fan. I highly recommend this guide!

Oprah to Best Today Guide

I have been following Shunta's Best Today Guide journey since the product was secret and she called it "Oprah" on her Instagram stories. The way Shunta talked about this product for months on end made me stay engaged with her content and then, once the BTG launched, I bought it almost immediately. Previously, I have struggled to stay motivated to use a traditional planner all the way through the year so when I saw this product, and learned it was not a planner, I was all about it. I am now almost all the way through my first BTG and already have another (and the 2021 calendar) ready to go. I see myself using this product and Shunta's methods about how to live life on the other side of busy for years to come. The BTG truly helps you focus in on what matters to you and who are you are becoming rather than what you are producing. It is no accident this product launched during a year where we all needed it. The Best Today Brand products and methods WORK!