What is the Best Today Guide?

The Best Today™ Guide is an undated 14-week paper guide that helps you plan your days with intention.  The Best Today Guide goes beyond the limitations of traditional planners, providing you with a proven 3-step process that requires (and teaches) intentionality and consistency.  The Best Today™ Guide is the only product you need to plan your weeks and days all in one place. Once you’re done, order your next Best Today Guide and celebrate your progress! 

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Created to help women live a life of intention and vision, the Best Today Guide is a product that you use weekly, daily and nightly to get clear on who you are, what you want and how to prioritize those things by being proactive and intentional with your time.  

Inside Set Up
  • Introduction Pages
  • Sample Pages of each step of the 3-step process 
  • Getting Started Pages 
  • Weekly Preview + Prep  
  • Night time Plan
  • Best Today™ Morning Practice 
  • Reminder after Week 12 to order your next Best Today™ Guide
Getting Started Pages


Everything you need to trade busy for intention the best today guide, better than a traditional planner, this system helps you be practive and intentional with your time so that you can live life on the other side of busy


The Getting Started pages (four total) are foundational in helping you to think through what you want and who you want to be.  These pages guide you into thinking through questions to help lay the foundation of getting clear on who you are and your vision for your life. 


Best Today™ Three Step Process 



After the Getting Started Pages are complete you're ready to begin the 3-Step Best Today™ process: 

  1. Preview your upcoming week before the week begins. 
  2. Plan every day the night before
  3. Begin each day with the Best Today™ morning practice. 
Weekly Pages


Proactively preview your week before it begins, getting an overview of what you have coming up, defining what is most important and writing out what success looks like at the end of the week.  You're also given a full page to clear your mind before you begin to preview your week.  

Nightly Page



This one step has been life-changing for thousands of women.  Planning every day the night before.  And not just planning by writing out a list of to-do's.  The Best Today™ Guide teaches you how to first focus on your mental, emotional and physical health, before you even think about what you will do in each day.  One of the many ways that we emphasize being over doing.

Morning Page



Begin each morning with the Best Today™ morning practice which teaches you to look at your best, your behaviors and your vision for your future.  Only you get to define what your best looks like each day.  And you won't get there without addressing the self-destructive habits that rob you of your best each day. 


Order your Best Today™ Guide today and join thousands of women across the globe who boldly proclaim, "This is What My Best Today Looks Like!"