Let's Answer Your Questions

  • Is this a planner?  The Best Today™ Guide isn't a planner or a journal but it encompasses what you love most about both.  The Best Today™ Guide is not a dated product and does not include a calendar.  It does include a weekly preview (Monday-Sunday) and guided pages for each day of the week.  We use our Best Today™ Guide in lieu of a traditional planner; however, you can use the BTG alongside a traditional planner.  
  • Does this replace a journal? If you have a current journaling practice you can continue that as you always have or you can choose to use the Best Today™ morning practice as your sole journaling practice.  Either way, you will complete all of the Best Today™ pages, including the morning practice.  For those with journaling practices, one suggestion is to do your Best Today™ morning practice in the mornings and your current journal practice in the evenings.
  • Can I use this with my current planner? YES! There are so many ways that you can use the Best Today™ Guide independent of, or with, a traditional planner or system/tool that is working for you. The Best Today™ Guide will help you each morning and night set yourself up for your best day and can be used throughout the day as well as you start your day and begin to accomplish your results and outcomes. 
  • I can never keep up with planners or journals. How is this different? The Best Today™ Guide is different in that it literally guides you every week and every day with exactly what to do.  No open spaces with dates or emptiness leaving you guessing at how to best utilize the product.  If you’ve had trouble staying focused during your day or thinking in terms of results and outcomes (as opposed to generic “to do’s”) the Best Today™ Guide is going to be a breath of fresh air
  • I don't have a lot of time, can I do this? We want to teach you how to never use that statement again.  You have time and we want to teach you how to be proactive and intentional with it.  The Best Today™ practice is short, simple and can take less time than your wait for coffee each morning.  If you’ve thought, “I don’t have time for this…” order your Best Today™ Guide today.  Let us help!
  • Do I use this in the morning or night? or both? Both! The Best Today™ process teaches you exactly what to do each night and every morning.  The process is already short and simple, but the more you do the practice the less time it will take. 
  • Where can I find videos to walk me through the product? At the top of this page.  You can also watch it on IGTV here
  • Can I start any time of year? YES! The beauty of the Best Today™ Guide is that you are not wasting pages if you begin outside of January! Start at the beginning 365 days of the year and become proactive and intentional with your time! It's also why it makes a great gift year-round.  Start today! 
  • Will you offer the Best Today Guide digitally for use with the Apple Pencil/iPad? No, it is a fact that you receive so many benefit from handwriting pen to paper, especially when building good habits.  Because of that, the Best Today Guide comes in paper form only.  So that you can derive the benefit from the product, we commit to keeping it paper form only. 
  • Do you provide bulk order pricing for large group orders? Yes, please contact us at besttoday@shuntagrant.com BEFORE you place your order to join our Bulk Order Program.  Bulk orders are orders of 20 or more Best Today Guides. We love providing Best Today Guides for your groups, organization, leaders, teams, churches, youth groups, and more!  Putting the Best Today Guide in the hands of women (and young women) is one of the best gifts you can provide them! You do not need to be a company or business owner in order to join the bulk order program. 
  • Does the Best Today™ Guide ship internationally? Yes, the Best Today™ Guide ships everywhere!
  • What is Right Now™ Routine? Right Now Routine™ is our online training in the form of a digital product (video + workbook) that teaches you how to create realistic routine that works for your life right now.  You get immediate access when you sign up and the training is less than 40 minutes.  We highly recommend every woman take this training that over 800 women have walked through and raved about how life-changing it is. You can learn more here.
  • How is the Best Today™ Guide different from Right Now Routine™? Do I need both? Which first? The Best Today™ Guide is a physical product that helps you get clear on what you want/your vision and then teaches you how to live it out and progress toward your vision from day-to-day.  The Best Today™ Guide covers 14 weeks, so approximately three months. You can see inside of the Best Today™ Guide and hear about the three-step process in the video at the top of this page. Right Now Routine™ aids in your use of the Best Today™ Guide because it teaches you how to create routine in your life. You do not need Right Now Routine™ to use the Best Today™ Guide or vice versa.  They work together to help you on your journey to become proactive and intentional with your time and can be used at the same time. 
  • What size is the Best Today™ Guide? Approximately 10 inches in length and 7.5 inches in width.
  • Do I have to use the Best Today™ Guide to join the Best Today™ Community for access to the workshop, coaching and classes? No! Join our membership Community today at besttodaycommunity.com

    Take a look inside of the Best Today™ Monthly Calendar while supplies last:


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