Why Pre-Ordering from a Small Business Matters A LOT

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On March 16, 2020 we joyfully launched the Best Today™ Guide for pre-orders and our excitement could not be contained!  We watched so many of the women in our audience leap at the opportunity to get this life-changing tool and resource in their hands and into their lives.

Now, as so many of you await receiving your Best Today™ Guide, we want to share why we do things the way that we do and why it's so very important to place pre-orders with small businesses like ours who desire to run the company debt free.

Creating a brand new physical product costs thousands upon thousands of dollars on the front end, before you ever hear a word about it.


Creation of prototypes, designer fees, a team working on logistics, legal fees, and so much more.  The process is a thrill for us because throughout the entire process we have YOU in our mind.  Our vision is of you, sitting in your home getting clear on what you want, using the Best Today™ three-step process, previewing your weeks, planning your days and beginning each day with the Best Today™ morning practice, fuels us day in and day out!

After creating the product, we team up with companies here in the U.S. and abroad to ensure that we create the highest quality product at a price point that makes this tool available to everyone who desires to use it.  The only way that is possible is through opening pre-orders to you so that we may make wise projections on how many products to order with our partners overseas.  And then, the next chapter begins with back and forth edits, testing the quality of every single page to ensure that you get our very best.   

So why does a pre-order help a small business remain debt free?

By placing a pre-order with a small business you help us make wise choices about our quantities.  You allow us to make purchases with cash protecting our existence, but also ensuring that we can continue to provide income for the women on our team who work diligently to fulfill our mission!  You also say to a company, "I believe in you and your mission" and while it may seem to be a small thing, it is EVERY THING.

So, yes, there is a possibility that when the products arrive you can order then.  But one, we may sell out in pre-orders. And two, it really helps a company to operate with financial wisdom when you show up in the pre-order phase.  It also gives us more room to create bigger and better for you!  So, if you've been on the fence, or holding out until the products are here with us, please know that we are thrilled for you either way, but placing that pre-order goes a long way and helps us to continue to show up for you in the days, weeks and years to come!

We've also included some amazing real-time benefits like our Best Today™ Community that you can join immediately after your order where women are already putting the Best Today™ process in action with guidance from Shunta.  We also have an in-depth book study on habits and bonus calls during the pre-order period.  

While you may see a paper product, we see the possibility for life transformation, for women adopting positive routines and habits that allow you to show up as your best. 

You are the reason why we show up each day with so much joy and so much hope! 

Pre-order your Best Today™ Guide today at besttodayguide.com.  And, beyond our company, our hope is that this helps you understand how you can continue to help women-owned small businesses in the future.  You are as much a part of us as we are a part of you in this journey!

We love you and we thank you! 

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