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Shunta here, creator of the Best Today™ Guide.  I want to address a question that we receive quite a bit about the Best Today™ Guide-- "is this another planner?"  The short answer is, no.  The Best Today™ Guide is not a planner.  It's better.  I know because I have been a traditional planner user for over a decade.  BUT, that doesn't mean that if you are a traditional planner kinda woman that the Best Today™ Guide won't help you.  We have women who use the Best Today™ Guide with and without traditional planners, with and without Powersheets, with and without bullet journals and the list goes on and on.  

When I created the Best Today™ Guide I knew I wanted to create something that was not currently in the marketplace so I created what  worked for me and I tested it with over one-thousand women through workshops and online courses.  When I saw the effect the principles and processes had on women's lives, how it transformed how they thought about time and how they invested their time, I knew I had to create a physical product to share it with the world. 

The Best Today™ Guide goes beyond what a planner is designed and created to do. In the words of Best Today™ Guide user Steph Crowder, 

"There are elements included that I've never seen anywhere else and I know because I've tried every planner out there. This is a system that goes above and beyond what a planner can really do! It combines positive aspects of having a planner but goes in deeper by pulling in vision and management of the day-to-day, bringing in routines and eliminating bad habits."


While the Best Today™ Guide isn't a planner or a journal, it encompasses what you love most about both.  The Best Today™ Guide is not a dated product and does not include a calendar.  It does include a weekly preview (Monday-Sunday) and guided pages for each day of the week.  I use my Best Today™ Guide in lieu of a traditional planner; however, you can use the BTG alongside a traditional planner like user Amanda Hedgepeth who says that her traditional planner and Best Today™ Guide is all she needs to keep her covered as a dual business owner, business educator, wife and mom to three!

The Best Today™ Guide includes

  • Getting Started pages to help you get clear on what you want and identify self-destructing habits.
  • Space to clear your mind every week before the week begins so that you start each week with a clear mind. 
  • A Weekly Preview page every week to determine what your primary focus will be each week and what you will accomplish by the end of the week.
  • A Weekly Preview page every week that allows you to list out appointments, meetings, calls, deadlines, meals, whatever is most important for you to see at a glance when you look at your week. 
  • A Weekly "No More Distractions" box to place every distraction within your days so that you can stay focused each day.
  • A Daily "Night time" Page to plan each day including designated space for
    • Your Morning Routine.
    • What you will do for your mental, emotional and physical health.
    • The one most important thing to complete that day.
    • Space for your results + outcomes.
    • Free space to use as you need. 
  • A Daily Morning Page to begin each day with the Best Today™ Morning Practice which includes reflecting on: 
    • What does your best look like today?
    • What self-destructing things do you need to avoid today?
    • Your vision for you the future.
    • One thing you'll do today that progresses you toward your vision for the future. 

Your days.  Your life. What is of most importance for you to become the woman you want to be, to live the life you want, it is all included in one daily use product.  That is the Best Today™ Guide. Teaching you a simple three-step process (preview your week, plan each day the night before and start each day with our morning practice) that will help you be proactive and intentional with your time.

It's a guide. Not just a pretty place to write out wish lists for the day that never get done.  Not a place to make you feel fluffy but set you up for disappointment when you realize you've wasted so much time focusing on what does not progress you toward your desired future.

There are enough planners out there. And we know those planners are helping thousands of women in the world! But, I know that there is a community of women who need more.  Who need something better.  And that is why I created the Best Today™ Guide.  I would love for you to try the Best Today™ Guide and its process.  The only thing you have to lose are the self-destructing habits that prevent you from living the life you desire!  I say that's worth the cost.

Below is a video I recorded sharing how I currently use my Best Today™ Guide and how you can use yours with our without a traditional planner.  If you ever have questions, we are only one email away at besttoday@shuntagrant.com or come chat with us on Instagram @thebesttodaybrand.

What women are saying about the Best Today™ Guide:
  • "It’s so different than any other scheduler/planner because it is just focused on that week. This is why I love the Best Today™ Guide, because it's clear, streamlined, and focused!!!"
  • "The Best Today Guide helps me prioritize!  Like, "hey, your end goal is a book deal so spend time on that manuscript today instead of jumping into your email." It's brilliant!"
  • "The thing that using the Best Today Guide has helped me with most is seeing the importance of planning your day the night before.  This is more than a planner, it's a life guide!" 
  • "I really love the big picture emphasis of the weekly preview because it is something that I have been missing."
  • "If you find you get to the end of the week and you did a bunch of stuff but you didn't make any progress, this will make a really big difference for you even if you have an established planner system." 



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