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The Best Today™ Brand is thrilled to announce our first product to help you become proactive and intentional with your time-- The Best Today™ Guide!  The Best Today Guide helps women get clear on what they want and provides a simple three-step process to guide you toward your vision for the future one TODAY at a time.


The Best Today™ Guide is a physical paper product with fourteen (14) weeks of support guiding you each day with a simple three-step process:

STEP ONEPreview your upcoming week before the week begins. 

STEP TWO. Plan every day the night before.

STEP THREE. Begin each day with the Best Today™ Morning Practice.

The Best Today™ Guide also begins with "Getting Started" Pages to help you get clear on your vision for your future, identify what's currently in your way and define what your best looks like.

And that's not all.  The Best Today™ Guide comes with an exclusive community filled with other BTG users who want to show up as their best each day!  Instructions on how to join the community are provided after your order is placed.

The Best Today Guide guides you through each step, providing you everything that you need all in one place to become proactive and intentional with your days.  With dedicated space to clear your mind each week and preview your week, the Best Today Guide gives you exactly what you need to start each week off with intention. 

Next, you're given a detailed guide on how to plan your day BEFORE the day begins.  Each Daily Plan page gives you space to write out what you will do for your mental, emotional and physical health each day.  You also are given specific space to write out a life-giving morning routine for yourself and then choose your one priority for the day along with listing out the results and outcomes that matter most for the day. 

If you've got questions,  begin by watching the video below and visiting the Frequently Asked Questions page which we update as your questions come in.  

Order your Best Today™ Guide today, let's journey to the other side of busy, together! 



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