Introducing the Best Today™ Community

We know how much your environment matters to your mental and emotional health.  And not just your physical environments, but also your online environments.  So, we created a space all our own, away from social media timelines, away from negative comments and away from advertisements and distractions.

Every woman needs a circle of like-minded women who want to see you show up as your BEST.  A group of women who will encourage you, challenge you and inspire you!

So, we created that space just for you and it is the Best Today™ Community!

Here's what we know for sure, if you're here you want to be proactive and intentional with your time and in your life.

You want to show up as your BEST and you know it's going to take some work (and perhaps some accountability).

You need a place to share your wins and ask real and hard questions free of judgment.

So we created that space for you!


  • A community to discuss all things Best Today™ Brand related.
  • Live classes + workshops on topics that help you be proactive + intentional with your time.
  • Share your results and wins from Right Now Routine™, Clean One Room™, the Best Today™ Guide and more!
  • Find accountability sisters on your journey to showing up as your best.
  • Be the first to know about and access Best Today™ Brand programs, events and products!
  • An ad-free community with only content you came for!
  • Proximity to women who, like you, care about showing up as her best each day!

Inside the Best Today™ Community you will find exclusive access to tools and information to help you on your journey to becoming more proactive and intentional with your time. 

If you'd like to learn more about the Community or join us in time for our next Community-exclusive event click here or go to we're saving a seat for you!

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