How to Create Routine that Fits Your Life Right Now

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word "routine"?



Only during the school year?

Something I have to do every single day?

What if I told you that routine gives you MORE freedom and can remove an entire layer of stress from your life?

What if routine is the answer to your most frequent complaints when it comes to your time and how your day-to-day flows (or fails to flow)?

After working with thousands of women over the last four years I can tell you that routines are likely the answer you've been looking for (and likely avoiding).  But routines don't have to be rigid, restrictive and boring.  Routine can be both fun and freeing! 

"...routines don't have to be rigid, restrictive and boring.  Routine can be both fun and freeing!" 

I want to help you create routines that work for your life right now.  Not next quarter, next season, next school year, or "when things get back to normal," but, RIGHT NOW.

Why is right now the time to implement routine?  Because if you can begin to create well-working routine now, you can translate that skill into any season of life.  And the good news? It's not as hard as you may have thought.

So, what is a routine?  The fancy dictionaries define routine as "a fixed program" or "a customary or regular course of procedure,"  but I would like to give you a definition that I think is better suited for women like you and me.

A routine is a flow of actions that allow you to be proactive and intentional with your time. 

Let's take the pressure off of thinking a routine is something that you have to perform perfectly from the beginning and if you miss one second of the designated routine everything is ruined.

I have created a simple 3-step system to help you build and create realistic routine that works for your life right now.  Whether you work from home, away from home, not at all, live alone, are single, married or otherwise. Whether you have a consistent schedule or inconsistent schedule, this step-by-step system WILL work for you.

And the best part? It includes my T.A.C.O. method that students have called "a game changer" "life-giving" and "so brilliant and easy to follow."

Where can you get this system and finally get started with creating routine that works for your life?  Inside of Right Now Routine™ a short, yet in-depth, online tutorial and workbook that meets you right where you are and walks you through how to create routines that last.

You can learn more at and join 300+ women who have committed to showing up to create realistic routines that work right now.

Routine isn't a dirty word. It's a liberating, freeing, life-giving word that can work for you.  I'll show you how. 

Meet me inside of Right Now Routine™

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  • If you are on the fence about Right Now Routine, now is the time to jump in! You can’t beat this content for the price. And the TACO method will change your game. Shunta walks you through each step. You feel supported and armed with the knowledge and direction to make change!

    Mary Latrick on

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