Life Class #8 The Importance of Identity

Intention for Today's Class

  • Help your words match your actions.
  •  Help your actions match your desires. 

What identity do you need to take off?

What identity do you need to take on?

What actions follow each of the above? 

If you need help life class #2, "How to Get Clear on What You Want" is a great place to start.  There’s a free download that will help you with that and you can download it here.

Links Discussed in Today's Class 

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Lynn Schutte

This Life Class pairs perfectly with Right Now Routine! I’ve finished planning out my routine, and tomorrow I get started with Day 1! I’m so glad I finally listened to this Life Class, because it’s really helped me get motivated and excited to live my new identity beginning tomorrow! Thank you so much, Shunta!

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