Life Class #1: Truth in the Midst of Noise



Make a list of 10 things you know to be always be true in your life.

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Business Life & Joy Podcast Episode 50: The Necessity of Contentment 

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Share which of the eight truths from today's class struck you the most in the comments below!



I loved this Life Class. Thanks for sharing you message. I would love a class on contentment as that is an area in my life I really struggle with.

Lisa D Gay

Yes! Please do a class on how to set routines! This is what I struggle with daily. Thank you for this!! <3


The truth that resonated with me is having financial health. It’s only recently that this has been brought to my attention for how to live a healthy life and I’m so glad this was mentioned and that you gave me another reminder!


The one I need to think about is #1. I often just feel like I’m coasting through life not really sure where I’m going. I’m looking forward to next weeks class!
I think this will also help me with routines/habits during this time as I am learning to be consistent.


OMG!! This was soo good!! The truth that resonates with me is #1! I am not clear at all on what I want, or what I should want(?) I cannot wait til Life Class #2!! Also, I would like a class on establishing routines. Thank you Shunta! -now going back to listen for a third time!!

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