Life Class #9 What to Do when Home Becomes Work, School and More.

Intention for Today's Class
  • Talk to the women who are feeling any type of fear, doubt, concern or worry about what the upcoming months bring for you and your family at home.
  • Give you concrete steps to take to prepare your home so that it can be a place of rest and peace.
  • Help you make your home a place to breathe deeper and laugh louder. 



 Start with the Four Actions provided in today's life class.

Links are below to help you get started. 

Links Discussed in Today's Class 

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Lynn Schutte

Shunta, thank you. You never fail to phrase things in the best way possible. Breaking down your ideas and what you teach and structuring them into these four steps suddenly makes so much more sense to me. THANK YOU for all you do.

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