I loved the “thing thing” and the box of ingredients analogy! Last week I worked through Life Class #2 and started a page in my Best Today notebook to jot down mission thoughts as they came to mind.

Karissa Swanson

Great inspiration ! My word this year was SIMPLIFY so the “stay at home” has actually helped me keep on mission. I’m a CMT so my business was shut down but I am clearing out so much to make way for new things. Can’t wait to get my BEST TODAY GUIDE!

Lisa Tolles

All I can say is “Thank you”!! I found you at the perfect time in my life- so much of what you teach feels like it was meant just for me- even though I know it was meant for us all. I am watching this late but am so grateful I took the time and didn’t delete the email. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Lynn Schutte

Another great Life Class, Shunta – thank you! This was filled with a lot of truth, and I really appreciate it. I love the idea of focusing on what you DO have and what you DID get to do, rather than what you may have lost.


Yes the “thing” “thing” made sense! Great lesson today!

My mission in life is to be loving, minimalistic, focused, creative and inspiring to others.

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